Valentina Sammut is the founder and Managing Director of BIZ Consult Limited with the office in Malta. She was licensed as an accredited agent for Individual Investor Programme in 2014 and soon thereafter started her activity on the Programme. Following successful obtaining of citizenship for a number of clients, she decided to expand the boundaries of her business and registered BIZ Consult Limited – a company for settlement of issues connected with obtaining of citizenship by investment for high net worth individuals from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Asia and Middle East. Her services are demanding by both HNW clients and other professional consultants.

Investment Migration Council (IMC)

Valentina has earned certifications in anti-money laundering and in compliance. She is a member of Investment Migration Council (IMC), Malta Association of Compliance Officers (MACO) and International Compliance Association (ICA). Her native language is Russian. And she has a good command of English.

BIZ Consult Limited

BIZ Consult Limited offers to its clients and their families the informational and legal support in matters of citizenship, residential permit and permanent residence in Malta, and also consults on all issues arising in progress. The company’s culture is marked by the high quality of our specialist advice and by our mutual involvement with our clients, backed by a strong sense of entrepreneurship necessary to understand our clients’ business. We emphasize independence, transparency, and responsiveness.

BIZ Consult Limited

BIZ Consult Limited places particular emphasis on a practical approach and impeccable quality. To ensure that we consistently satisfy the high expectations of our clients, our company is guided by three principles which are the basis of how we work:
- To offer our services only if we feel that we can be of genuine assistance;
-To present all our clients with a highly professional and personal service;
-To find the best solutions available anywhere through a rigorous and efficient approach.