• Republic of Malta
Capital City
  • Valletta
  • Maltese and English

Some facts about Malta

• Country’s Full Name: Republic of Malta (Republika ta’ Malta)
• Capital City: Valletta
• Population: 424,200 (as at January 2015)
• Official Languages: Maltese and English
• Currency: Euro – Malta joined the Eurozone on January 1, 2008
• Religion: 98% – Roman Catholics. Other denominations have places of worship.
• Location: 93 km south of Sicily (Italy); 288 km east of Tunisia
• International Dialing Code: +356
• Internet Domain: .mt

  • Short Travel Times: By air, main European hubs and North Africa can be reached in two to three hours
  • Excellent ICT Connections: Satellite technology and high capacity fibre-optic submarine cables link Malta with Europe
  • Major Transhipment Centre: Malta Freeport is a main regional hub
  • EU Member State: Passporting rights for services and companies
  • Regional Ties: Malta has cultural and historic connections to countries in North Africa and the Middle East
  • CET Time Zone: One hour ahead of GMT
  • Schengen Zone: Malta is part of the Schengen area, which allows travel between member states without internal border controls
  • Languages: Maltese and English are official languages of Malta


The Maltese Residency by Investment may be granted under Legal Note 288 of 2015 and amended by Legal Note 189 of 2017.

The Malta Residence and Visa Programme Regulations provide for non-EU nationals to receive Maltese residence on the basis of a contribution to and investment in Maltese Government Bonds.

The Programme offers high and ultra-high net worth individuals and families worldwide residence in a highly respected EU Member Country. Malta has been a member of the European Union since 2004, enjoys a stable political climate, bi-partisan political scene, growing economy, and has some of the soundest banks in the world. The Malta Residence & Visa application process is extremely efficient, and the government of Malta is committed to the highest standard of due diligence and vetting of investor applicants ensuring only persons of impeccable standing and repute will be admitted. 

Eligibility criteria for the Malta Residence & Visa Programme

·  Open to non-EU nationals;

·  All the family is eligible. Family application includes:


       parents of both main applicant and spouse; 


       minor children

       adult children provided that they are unmarried and
financially dependant on the Main Applicant

·  Applicant must provide an affidavit declaring that:

       from the date of the application onwards, he/she is in receipt of an
annual income of not less than hundred thousand euro (€100,000) arising outside


       has in his/her possession, capital of not less than five hundred
thousand euro (€500,000)

·  Applicants must have valid travel document;

·  Applicants must have all-covering EU health insurance;

Financial contribution

The total contribution of €30,000 applies to the main applicant, the spouse and the children of the main applicant and/or the spouse at application stage:

       €5,500 non-refundable
Application Fee

   €24,500 payable only on approval 

An additional contribution of €5,000 should be paid for parents or grandparents of the main applicant and/or spouse to benefit from the residency rights issued under the Certificate. Furthermore, a non-refundable supplementary administration fee of €5,000 should be payable in certain instances to allow primarily for other dependents to be subsequently included.



The applicant should hold a qualifying property for at least 5 years from the issuing of the certificate, which precedes the granting of a Malta Residence Permit. 

Minimum purchase value of €320,000 for a property in Malta or €270,000 for a property in the South of Malta or Gozo, or minimum annual rental of €12,000  for a property situated in Malta or € 10,000 for a property situated in the South of Malta or Gozo.

Bonds Investment

The applicant should hold a qualifying investment for a minimum value of €250,000 for at least 5 years from the date of the issuing of the certificate.

Fit and proper test

Applicants must show they are in good standing and repute and will undergo a ‘fit and proper’ test. They must also show they do not suffer from any contagious disease.

Clean Criminal Record

The applicant must have no criminal record. Applicants must provide a police certificate which may be submitted subsequently to the submission of the application but before approval. A person who has been denied a visa to a country with which Malta has visa-free travel arrangement shall not be entitled to apply under the program. A person who is deemed a potential national security or reputational risk, or is subject to criminal investigation will also be denied citizenship.

Scheme Application Timeline


•    Prepare application file and supporting documents


•    Confirmation of Formal Validity of Application File

•    Due to Diligence Process



•    Purchase or rent Property

•    Invest €250,000 in Government Bonds

•    Settle the Contribution

•    Purchase Health Insurance

Key information to keep in mind

• The certificate shall be monitored annually for the first 5 years from its issuance and every 5 years thereafter.

• The certificate shall be withdrawn as soon as the beneficiary infringes any of the Rules set out in the Regulations.

• The applicant and dependants may not benefit from certain other Maltese programmes as defined in the Rules.

• The application process should take up to 5 months on the basis that all the information is correctly provided to the
Malta Residence and Visa Agency.

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